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Krazy Kathleen

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An eccentric librarian shows that organization and neatness merely distract from the true pleasure of what should be done in a library … reading books!

All parents want their children to be studious. However, one cannot gain information and intelligence from reading unless one has developed a true love for the written word. In this entertaining tale, children are introduced to a protagonist who truly loves to read! It seems hard to imagine the comedic situations that can arise in a book that’s simply about a librarian and a library. However, William Tellem has done just that.

Weaving quirky quips together with timeless literary lessons, Krazy Kathleen is a story that truly captures the love of an eccentric librarian’s passion for reading … and her idiosyncrasies! Kathleen’s job as a librarian is anything but monotonous. As the reader follows Kathleen through her day, s/he begins to realize that this is no ordinary librarian! Kathleen’s contagious enthusiasm for reading can’t even be outdone by the odd rules she uses to run her library (if she uses any rules at all!). However, at the surprise ending of this timeless tale, the reader learns a truly invaluable lesson: reading is not about downloading information … it’s one of life’s most passionate experiences. Reading isn’t just food for thought — it nourishes one’s soul.

Children always pick up ideas and lessons from what they read, which makes this a particularly great book to give to children, parents, librarians, or even yourself! The lessons are truly eternal for all who wish to gain knowledge. Krazy Kathleen poignantly portrays the giddy enthusiasm one should have when setting out on a journey of learning and reading.

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