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When You Gotta Go!

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Bathroom and potty humor abounds in this zany story that follows a lovely family during the most pressing moments of the day … when they gotta go!William Tellem’s When You Gotta Go! is a humorous tale cataloging each member of a family when they need to answer nature s call: how they feel, how they act, and what they do when they simply can t take it anymore! Children (and adults!) will be entertained and reduced to hysterical laughs as they witness the quirky eccentricities of the many characters when they must run to the bathroom. Despite the humorous and wacky messages that are conveyed in this SwordPen classic, the book carries a more serious and poignant underlying message: the importance of healthy eating habits and regular movements. Reading this book to children allows you to segue into the wonderful world of physical exercise, dietary habits, and beyond. It s a simple message that can change a child s life. So enjoy the … oops! We gotta go!

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