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My Dog Ate It!

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In this zany story about homework, star pupil Sara is on the verge of being sent to the principal’s office for doing homework. But thanks to quick thinking on the part of her teacher, Sara is spared in the nick of time as the reader enjoys a suspenseful and funny ending. Almost all children dislike homework. However, the true catalyst for making a child excited to do homework is a loving, enthusiastic, and happy teacher. All those character traits are rolled up in the jolly Ms. Regent, a grade-school teacher who has a brainstorm idea to make her children love doing homework! Most of academia is focused around rote memorization or dull exercises. By using a little out-of-the-box thinking, children are able to create hilarious scenarios for their teacher’s project. Kids will be inspired to start thinking creatively regarding all assignments — homework, housework, or life in general! This book will show your child that homework can be enjoyable. It just requires a little creativity … and a desire to have fun!

Author Information

Zev Lewinson (1953-Eternity) was born in Chicago, Ill., to Jewish immigrant parents, grew up (still trying!) in Newark and West Orange, NJ, and graduated from Johns Hopkins University. Very shy as a child (a condition eventually overcome by a combination of vodka and beautiful women), Lewinson became a voracious reader – the first ingredient toward becoming a great writer. His “been there/done that” life, has balanced many diverse pursuits and interests, among them, marriage, writing, teaching, and diamond dealing.

Lewinson’s eclectic writing skills have allowed him to produce a wide range of beautiful stories for children. Several of the stories are a result of situations he experienced with his own five children as they grew up. Accolades of intense admiration for Lewinson’s stories adorn the back cover’s of his books. Random House, Harper Collins, Skyhorse Publishing, and many other famous publishers, praise Lewinson’s work as “amusing and original … wonderfully creative … obviously very talented … tender and playful … possesses a knack for kid-appealing writing,” in an ongoing choir of adoration.

Children go wild over his stories when Lewinson does outlandish readings (funny voices and acting out character’s) at public libraries – a difficult task for the still shy sixty-two-year-old author. Every one of Lewisnon’s stories inspire children to proclaim, “It’s my favorite story!” A true believer in Malala Yousafzai’s words, “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world,” Lewinson hopes that his stories will ignite children with a true lifelong passion for reading. To date, Lewinson has fourteen published stories, with twenty four manuscripts waiting impatiently for their turn to be illustrated.

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